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Bafni is a Czech improvisation theatre group performing and teaching improv in the Czech republic for 9 years. Founded in 2009, Bafni has quickly become one of the top Czech improv theatre companies. Starting from theatre sports and matches, Bafni now focuses on longform and freeform improvisation. Bafni performs regularly in Brno and Prague. In teaching, they focus on development of individual personal and team skills (presentation, communication, cooperation, creativity). They work with changing the fixed mindset into a growth mindset, they train flexibility, reaction to new unexpected situations and accepting offers and changes. Members of our theatre run workshops using applied improvisation methods for different groups of participants – trainers, teachers, students, coaches and companies.

Fundacja Klancyk


Klancyk was founded in 2006 by a group of actors who soon started experimenting with forms and usage of improvisation. Since then, they have realised several improvisation projects, e.g. Duży pies nie szczeka (“Big dog doesn’t bark”) in which they toured 11 towns around Poland and conducted week-long workshops for middle school kids and teachers with the aim to fight hate speech by improvisation and music ( They teach classes for children of 3 age groups (5-6, 7-10 and 11-13) to help them with confidence, listening, cooperation and creative thinking ( or workshops for young refugees from Chechnya which help children to integrate in the new country.

Thalia Teatro


Thalia Teatro works especially with children and youths. In their work they use drama methods, including improvisation to help youth to learn Slovak language, facts, literature, writing, geography, history, journalism, digital technologies, ecology, facts about European Union etc. Thalia Teatro doesn’t operate only in Slovakia but works also with Slovaks abroad (Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Belgium…). During their practice, they also use contact improvisation, dance, musical and vocal improvisation in order to recognise the potential of participants. They focus on developing creative thinking of youth, create modern progressive opinions about culture and give a possibility to make artistic work to everyone.